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Banking and Insurance

Securing Your Investments

The past couple of decades have seen the emergence and massive expansion of private banks, micro-finance institutions and insurance service providers. In particular, the extensive role played by state-owned banks and financial institutions in co-financing and regulating foreign investments, has significantly increased. New developments in quasi-financial service provisions, is attracting the eyes of many foreign investors.

Our team of lawyers are at the forefront of the ever-changing financial regulation framework. We provide advice on major foreign financing, foreign supplier credit, foreign shareholder loan registration and other similar transactions requiring pre-approval by the National Bank of Ethiopia. Furthermore, our office has been involved in major insurance policy related advisory works for major investments in Ethiopia.

At Aman Assefa & Associates law office, our team supports foreign investors in providing tailored services on reform related developments in the sector.

We provide full-fledged legal services, including but not limited to:

  • Financial structuring
  • Shareholders’ and foreign loans
  • Foreign exchange regulations
  • Loan buy-out and loan restructuring
  • Remittance of Investments
  • Compliance