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Construction & Infrastructure

Carving legal solutions to your projects

The construction and infrastructure development of Ethiopia accounts for a significant share in the national GDP. This is expected to increase with recent developments in the space of PPPs and ongoing power projects. This means that proper contract document preparation and hands on project management skills, coupled with close working relations to manage the planning, financing, and implementation of projects will allow private and public project owners to manage their risks proactively.

We have an extensive track record in advising and representing developers, investors, employers, engineers, project managers, contractor administrators, financiers, insurance companies, consultants, and other stakeholders. Our services range from early stages of tender document preparation all the way through contract implementation enabling us to provide on-point and practical legal solutions proactively. Our clients benefit from our lawyers’ complex and technical understanding of the rules of the game within the relevant industry in major construction and infrastructure projects.

Time and budget are of essence to construction projects. Our services ensure both to our clients. Recognizing time sensitivity, we prioritize assisting clients from the beginning phase until the end of the project. Our approach in this endeavor is to devise procurement strategies and draft a full suite of procurement related documents for construction and infrastructure related works. Our team further guides clients through bid preparation and review; drafting, review and negotiation of contracts ranging from carving out practical solutions to construction disputes.

We provide full-fledged legal services, including but not limited to:

  • Devising procurement strategies and procurement related documents
  • Bid preparation and review
  • Advising on different standard forms of contracts
  • Drafting and negotiating of contractual arrangements
  • Dispute settlement of construction related disputes