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Safeguarding Your Risk-Free Employment Relations

Increased workforce productivity and maintaining industrial peace are key ingredients for the success of business and investments. The employment law framework in Ethiopia is highly regulated and affords significant projection to employees. There are nonetheless legal mechanisms to implement workplace productivity and legal approaches to implementing harmonious labor relations.

Our experience in working closely with human resources departments and company leadership has allowed us to best mitigate risks in labor relationships. Our policy of “prevention is better than cure” comes to life in our employment practice. We design various strategies with employers and HR personnel to equip them with labor compliance tools such as comprehensive employment contracts, manuals, work rules, and guidelines. Our team has represented clients in major town hall meetings and negotiations with labor unions in collective bargaining agreements. Our deep cultural understanding and multi-lingual team of lawyers is an asset to our clients. An example of this versatility can be seen through a case in which our team defended a multi-million Euro railway rehabilitation, water supply and sanitation project involving over 250 employees in a cross-regional labor dispute involving suits in more than 8 different cities.

We provide full-fledged legal services, including but not limited to:

  • Employee and labor relation consultations
  • Collective Bargaining Agreements and Union negotiations
  • Drafting of employment contracts for Senior management and other employees
  • Human Resource Counseling and Trainings
  • Preparation of Human Resource Guides
  • Pensions and Rewards advisory
  • Employment issues of expatriates and obtaining work permits
  • Workforce restructuring and outsourcing
  • Settlements
  • Employment litigation and dispute resolution.