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Intellectual Property & Technology

Keeping Your Intangibles Safe

The future of businesses is continuously tied to their intangible values and ability to innovate and utilize technology. Ethiopia is witnessing a significant catch up with other developed economies by way of brand affinity of consumers, increased relevance of new technologies and software aiding day to day activities of consumers, be it by way of facilitating easy payment solutions or otherwise. Hence, protecting and maximizing on intellectual property rights and innovative technologies is vital.

Our managing partner, Mr. Aman Assefa, is a pioneer in the intellectual property and technology law practice in Ethiopia. In addition to his tenure as lecturer at Addis Ababa University, he has researched vastly in the area of intellectual property laws in Ethiopia and abroad and has been at the forefront in drafting Ethiopia’s current intellectual property and technology related legal framework. As a result, our contribution to the development of the young intellectual property and technology laws of Ethiopia is quite notable.

Our Office guides clients through each phase of the IP licensing and registration process, including initiation, ownership searches, application and renewals. Our service extends to IP litigation including infringement, opposition, unfair competition and anti-counterfeiting procedures and enforcement in Ethiopia. We also advise clients in IP management, major deal structuring and protection and enforcement of IP and technology related rights.

We provide full-fledged legal services, including but not limited to:

  • Counseling, filing and prosecution of trademarks, patents and industrial designs;
  • Consulting on availability and eligibility of trademarks and trademark search;
  • Responding to objections raised by the Ethiopian Intellectual Property Office;
  • Recordal of changes in name and address;
  • Assignments, licenses, and legal agreements;
  • Renewals;
  • Handling oppositions against applications;
  • Trademark litigations;
  • Technology transfer agreements;
  • Royalty and Franchise arrangements;
  • Technology sourcing.