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Regulatory & Government Affairs

Creating synergy between your business and regulatory affairs

Emerging markets are highly prone to legislative dynamism in areas including tax, corporate, and financial regulations. Such reforms are often done to address the government’s priorities and of course directly affect business continuity and could increase cost of doing business. This is exactly why businesses and investments should always be apt to keeping their eyes and ears open to reform activities and seek regulatory support.

Our lawyers have first-hand experience in supporting Fortune 500 companies in Ethiopia with extensive regulatory support and are true believers of the value added by regulatory engagement over priority business issues. Our strong working relationship with relevant stakeholders often allows us to solve problems before they snowball into large business continuity challenges. Our approach to problem solving serves as a pivotal factor in bridging the gap between businesses and regulatory bodies.

Our members have cemented a solid reputation within their professional paradigm through their vast contributions in policy direction, enactment of new legislations, review of existing legal frameworks, legislative interpretations and implementations. Commercial law, intellectual property, anti-trust, and competition legislations are some of the areas which the expertise of our office has been employed upon and has accumulated a list of successful accomplishments.