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Trade Practices & Anti-trust

Ensuring Safe Playground

Increasing competition amongst businesses and sophisticated ways of trading practices have triggered an equally active regulation of business conducts and practices. In the past few years, Ethiopia has enacted laws governing conduct of businesses, advertisement practice, merger pre-approvals, unfair competition, and many more. The Trade Competition and Consumer Protection Authority, in addition to the Ethiopian Broadcasting Authority, is playing a big role is this respect.

Our lawyers have a wealth of practical knowledge and experience working with the Trade Competition and Consumer Protection and the Ethiopian Broadcasting Authority over business conduct, advertisement and merger affairs. Mr. Aman Assefa has also served as a key expert in the drafting of the first trade practice and consumer protection law of Ethiopia and continues to advise clients in cross-border mergers, acquisitions and other initiatives.

Our team is keen on briefing clients on ensuring compliance with the law, preparing merger notification documents, reviewing proposed transactions and agreements, representing clients at administrative proceedings, litigations, and appeals.

We provide full-fledged legal services, including but not limited to:

  • Advising on compliance with trade practice and anti-trust laws and regulation;
  • Preparing merger notification documents;
  • Competition investigations;
  • Advising on particular advertisements for compliance with relevant laws
  • Merger reviews
  • Litigation before the Trade Competition and Consumer Protection Tribunals as appropriate